Album Review: Vermin Womb – Permanence

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Label: Throatruiner Records
Release Date: 9/1/14

People usually get lost in their own thoughts when trying to explain the inexplicable. That shouldn’t be a problem when talking about Vermin Womb, seeing as how it’s straight-up caveman shit (with all apologies to Primitive Man, there’s seriously no pun intended). These six songs by Vermin Womb are the universal model of violence made physical and conjured into an tangible and very threatening aural presence.
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Album Review: IXXI – Skulls n Dust

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Label: Osmose Productions
Release Date: 6/15/14

No longer a black-metal-meets-techno novelty act, IXXI burst onto the scene in 2014 with a rager, Skulls n Dust. Gone are the very subtle tremolo riffs and sixth-string shreds. IXXI brings a little black and roll to the table on this fist pumper.

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Album Review: Sinmara – Aphotic Womb

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Label: Terratur Possessions
Release Date: 8/28/14

For a country with only 87 metal bands to ever emerge from its borders in its entire history with only little over 50 actually still active (according to Metal Archvives anyway), Iceland is a quality over quantity type of place in the truest sense of the term. Between Solstafir’s meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years and bands like Wormlust, Angist, and Svartidauði bringing forth their own dissonant hymns to chaos and death, we have seen quite a few exceptional bands come out of this relatively tiny scene and country. The latest band from Iceland to emerge from its murky scene is Sinmara, formerly Chao, with debut album Aphotic Womb. Fresh off of the band’s wonderful Spiritus Sankti demo (as Chao), Sinmara has retooled the lineup which currently features members from such heavy hitters as Wormlust, Svartidauði, and Ireland’s Rebirth of Nefast. The end result is an all star group with a solid vision and a monster of a debut album that highlights the claustrophobic, often unsettling, brute approach to black metal that gives the Icelandic scene its character.

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Album Review: Harassor – Into Unknown Depths

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Label: Dais Records
Release Date: 5/27/14

Harassor has always been a band deeply rooted in extremity and the black metal aesthetic, after all, corpse-painted singer Pete Majors douses himself in blood at the beginning of each live performance. Here on the band’s fourth full-length album, Into Unknown Depths, the trio finds itself treading new, dark ground. The band has never shied away from championing a style of black metal rooted in convention, hell; “Ildjarn is Dead” was named after one of the most barebones black metal acts to ever exist. On the new record, however, purity is pushed to the side with a blood-soaked hand and with more freedom Harassor reigns.

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Interview with Lasse Pyykkö of Hooded Menace

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I was given an opportunity to conduct an interview with Mr. Lasse Pyykkö, studio vocalist and guitar player of Finnish death/doom act Hooded Menace, after my review of the band’s latest split album A View From the Rope. I have to admit to being a little apprehensive at first, having never done an interview and only reading them rarely. How often does one get an opportunity to interview a band that has quickly become a personal favorite? Probably not very often, so I jumped in with both feet and set to thinking up questions, a much more daunting task than you’d expect. At the end of my brainstorming, I had thirteen seemingly decent questions for the interview. We touch on everything from musical influences and favorite album art, to beer and how terrible MTV Pop and Ska music is in a “High Fidelity” styled listing rampage, it’s sure to be enlightening for all of you fellow Hooded Menace fans.

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Album Review: Sivyj Yar – From the Dead Villages’ Darkness

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Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 9/20/14

One man black metal bands are intriguing. From madmen like Leviathan to Xasthur, black metal has owed part of its heritage to duo and one-man acts serving as multi-instrumentalists in a sub-genre that has seen much repetition. Sure, countless clones have tried the same approach, but have failed mightily, with exception to such aforementioned acts, which fans love for their individuality and authenticity. In an era where the DIY approach has taken the reins from major labels, it is still humbling to catch the occasional glimpse at genius in manifest. Sivyj Yar is one such band.

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Interview with Artificial Brain

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If you’re a fan of technical death metal and haven’t checked out Artificial Brain’s 2014 debut LP, Labyrinth Constellation, you have been doing it wrong this year. Combining angular technicality with harrowing melodies and a furious dose of blast-beatage, it remains one of the finest things to come out of recording wizard Colin Marston’s studio in the past few years. Artificial Brain is currently out on its first national tour ever supporting fellow space/death peers Gigan and Pyrrhon. I got a chance to speak with bassist Sam Smith and drummer Keith Abrami about the start of the tour, upcoming material and more.

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Album Review: Ides of Gemini – Old World New Wave

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Label: Neurot Recordings
Release Date: 9/16/14

This is one of the more daunting tasks I’ve taken on since I’ve decided to become an amateur (very amateur, by the way) reviewer. Not only is the guitarist in Ides of Gemini, J. Bennett a better musician than I am, he’s also a far better scribe but here we are. I’m a huge fan (figuratively and literally) of Ides of Gemini’s first LP Constantinople. With its warm, minimalist and non-traditional take on doom, the album really stood above the rest of the women-fronted occult rock bands that it invariably (and unfairly) got lumped in with. Old World New Wave is the second LP by Ides of Gemini and when your first album is as brilliant as Constantinople, the initial instinct is to directly compare the two but at least they’re being compared with themselves at this point in their existence and not to The Devil’s Blood or Blood Ceremony as the result of chromosomal similarities.

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Album Review: Winterfylleth – The Divination Of Antiquity

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Winterfylleth-The-Divination-of-AntiquityLabel: Candlelight Records
Release Date: 10/7/14

Confession: I am a big, big Winterfylleth fan. Its brand of black metal possess a strain of pride and emotion that few other bands can compete with, and the intelligent, dignified manner in which it has conducted itself over its career to date is worthy of praise. For all that, there has been the sense for this writer that the band has never quite reached the heights it was capable of, that a certain something was missing from its previous albums, as excellent as they are. As such, I had some trepidation when approaching The Divination Of Antiquity: would it be the album that lived up to my hopes for the band? As it so happens, it does more than that. This album is an absolute triumph.

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Interview with Salvaticus

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Charlottesville, Virginia is college town known for Dave Matthews band and its Jazz circles, but in the heart of Virginia resides Salvaticus, one of few black metal bands dedicated to capturing the natural sound of the forests and mountains of Piedmont and Appalachia. I’m meeting with founding members Brian Weaver (guitar) and Kevin Ardrey (drums) to discuss the music, the scene, and the band’s debut album Hidden Manna.

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