Album Review: american – Coping With Loss

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american promo

Label: Sentient Ruin
Released: 8/19/14

Coping With Loss is american’s addition to the rising list of 2014 releases in a steadily growing Virginian black metal scene. The duo performs punk infused black metal with drone and ambient influences. This seven track debut opens with a couple of raw, crusty black metal tracks but as the album progresses the music gradually evolves, or rather devolves into a slower, more atmospheric sound. The track listing was certainly designed to create this effect, as eventually the album transitions to pure noise, with the sixth track “Solace in Silence” briefly interjecting to remind us that we are still indeed listening to the same band.

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Album Review: Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend

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Label: Neurot Recordings
Release Date: 09/02/14

Much like the Pacific Northwest from which the band hails, Yob’s seventh LP Clearing the Path to Ascend is saturated, mountainous and grey. Mike Scheidt & Co. has returned with an hour of slowly churning agony, densely-layered riffs and four of the most impenetrable songs of its entire career.

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Analog Inquisition: Nate Myers (Eternal Warfare & Mania)

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Why do you love cassettes and vinyl? Do you prefer one over the other?

I don’t specifically think that analog is better than digital, because each one has their own inherent flaws and qualities, but I love tapes and records mostly because they are collectible. They are a direct product from the artist, with included artwork to portray an atmosphere. When you play the physical release, it feels more like you are conjuring the artist’s presence. I keep backups of all my data, but when a computer crashes or you get an MP3 player stolen, it’s nice to still have the record to play.

What was the first cassette you bought? First record?

The first cassette I remember having was a dubbed copy of Brainoil’s S/T album. I used to drive around in high school listening to that tape all the time. The other one that stands out was a dubbed copy of Carcass’ Heartwork. Those two tapes were on repeat in my Firebird for about a year or two.

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Album Review: Krieg – Transient

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Label: Candlelight Records
Release Date: 9/2/14 | 10/6/14

Evolution can be a double edged sword. Positively, it can lead to the shifting of a band’s focus to a more refined form, creating growth as an artist. Negatively, evolution can be alienating to supporters, especially in the world of black metal. A world which has come to be known for its staunch adherence to the guidelines laid down in the Northern regions of Europe some thirty years ago. Evolution can also lead to unnecessary and often tiresome attempts at experimentation. For Krieg however, its evolution shows strength, dedication to personal fulfillment, and a disregard for convention that is admirable and executed brilliantly.

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Album Review: Infestus – The Reflecting Void

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Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Release Date: 4/25/14

Infestus is a one-man entity also known as Andras, and his latest offering, The Reflecting Void, may be his most challenging one to date.

It may also be his most satisfying release. Often, one notices the quality songwriting that Andras uses. Tension builds and vitriol is unleashed at crucial moments. Spoken word passages ring true, and clean guitar segments do more than simply accentuate.

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News: An Ending In Fire 2014

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Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions have thrown down the gauntlet in the metal underground with their one day only event on September 13, 2014 called An Ending In Fire.

An Ending In Fire will take place in Helvete, Oberhausen, Germany, and will feature prominent acts from both labels.

Doors open at 4 pm and ceremonies begin at 5 pm.

Running order

Doors: 4:00pm

OBSCURE BURIAL: 5:00 pm – 5:35 pm

SHEOL: 6:00pm – 6:35 pm

MALTHUSIAN: 7:00 pm – 7:40 pm

POSSESSION: 8:10 pm – 8:50 pm

IRKALLIAN ORACLE: 9:20 pm – 10:00 pm

ZOM: 10:30 pm – 11:15 pm

BÖLZER: 11:45 pm – 12:45 am

You can find more information on the event here.

Also, you can stream samples of the aforementioned acts on both label’s Bandcamp pages here and here.

Bring your friends and enjoy the show. Spread the word!

- Al Necro

Analog Inquisition: Ryan Lipynsky (Serpentine Path, The Howling Wind & Force & Fire)

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rlpic2014-2 copy

Why do you love cassettes and vinyl? Do you prefer one over the other?

I love them both because they are formats that I grew up listening to. Both tapes and vinyl were what I first started listening to music on. I remember when CDs actually came out! To me there is a warmth and comfort to both formats. I prefer vinyl for the size of the physical format and the sound. Sometimes rewinding tapes can be a drag, I’m not gotta lie and romanticize it that much. Vinyl is not technically better that CDs, digital or anything like that, I just prefer it. Unless its a real shitty pressed record. In that case, it actually ruins the experience.

What was the first cassette you bought? First record?

My very first cassette was Dokken’s Under The Lock and Key which I brought from Modell’s Shoppers World Store (before it became exclusively sports stores in the NY area). I was probably in the 5th grade. I actually bought most of my first cassettes from there when I was really young. I also got many of my cassettes from Tape World at the mall! My parents were totally cool with me getting into heavy metal at such an early age.

My first record was an Ace Frehley solo album that I got from the Flea Market (I think). I grew up with friends who had older metalhead brothers who had record players and stacks of vinyl. I thought it was the coolest thing. In the 80’s it wasn’t that common to want a record player as tapes were very much the cool thing to listen to in that era of Walkmans, boom boxes etc…

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News: Kill-Town Death Fest 2014

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On September 4th – 7th, Copenhagen, Denmark will be the venue for the all-out crushing Kill Town Death Fest 2014. It is the final instance of it, and will likely be by far the most memorable, as 28 international renowned acts in the underground will lay waste to the city of Copenhagen in four days of death metal worship and good company. Cheap beer is on hand, as well as hangout space, so grab your buddies and make this sendoff of Kill-Town end with a bang! A line-up like this rarely sees the light of day, so attend this celebration with your good vibes and listening ears. Some bands on-hand for the festival will include:


God Macabre

Dead Congregation




And much more!

See the flyer above for more information. Tickets are at 55 Euros for three days and 65 Euros for four days.

KillTown003- Al Necro


EP Review: Incursus – Adaestuo

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Label: Forever Plagued Records
Release Date: 9/9/13

Incursus, for those who do not know, is an American black metal project which was spearheaded by entities known as VJS and Horidus. Both musicians performed in a litany of well-renowned American black metal bands such as Demoncy, Kult ov Azazel, and Nightbringer until Horidus’ untimely death in late 2013. Incursus falls within the category of great bands who have never really achieved any sort of fame or recognition for its work. The band’s first and only full-length Eternal Funeral Trance was an exercise in raw, possessed black metal, but seemed to fall in the shadow of the members’ other contributions to the American scene. While unfortunate, this lack of recognition was not detrimental to the group’s passion as evident in the spewing forth of EP Adaestuo in 2013.

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