Album Review: Teitanblood – Death

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teitanblood-death-600x600(Source: The Ajna Offensive)
Label(s): Norma Evangelium Diaboli / The Ajna Offensive
Release Date: 03/13/14

Before I begin this review, I find it necessary to paint the scene here for a moment. It was a few days after Christmas (or “the day of the wretched spawning of the bastard son of heaven” for our more kvlt readers”), and I had been revisiting Teitanblood‘s first full-length Seven Challices quite a bit around that time (in the spirit of the holidays). The contrast between the primitive, brute force of the music and the deeper conceptual ideas about the occult and blasphemy intrigued me in a way it hadn’t when I had first listened to it. I remember playing it for the fifth time that week on December 30 and thinking, “Man, I wish this band would release another full-length soon.” Considering that the members of Teitanblood are basically complete recluses when it comes to promoting themselves or keeping fans informed of its activities, I had no idea what was actually in the works. I woke up the following morning to my friend sending me a message that read “New Teitanblood in 2014.” I basically jumped out of my skin. Word spread like wildfire and metal internet was abuzz in hype. In all fairness though, it was hard not to be. The limited PR campaign Teitanblood engaged in basically said that this album was going to redefine death metal (the exact wording being that it was going to “correct the misconception about Death Metal being music”) and to top it all off, the band titled the album Death. Not one word more, just Death. To say that this was a ballsy move is a severe understatement. With a name like Death and the claims the band made, anything less than the most outrageous, vile, and evil album of occult, Satanic death worship and chaos, was going to be an utter failure. Ladies and gentlemen, I can not only that say Teitanblood has surpassed expectations, but we may have on our hands one of the greatest black/death albums of all time.

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Demo Review: Almagest – Autumn Rehearsal

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almagest(Source: Cloth Bodies)
Label: A Terre Records
Release Date: 12/07/13

I like black metal. I like funeral doom, and I like space. When a band combines all three as Almagest does, it should be right up my alley. It definitely is. This rehearsal is an excellent piece of bleak, blackened doom described by the label as “Pure Analog Nebulae Destruction,” which is an apt title.

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EP Review: Hooded Menace – Labrinyth of Carrion Breeze

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hoodedmenacecover(Source: NoCleanSinging)
Label: Doomentia Records
Date: 2/7/2014

There must be something about Scandinavia that produces excellent musicians, that in turn, create excellent heavy music. I’ve long thought they put drugs in the water supply in Sweden because of the amount of amazing Stoner Rock and Doom Metal acts that come from the country; the same comparisons could be made with Norway and the Black and Death Metal scenes, and Finland definitely has had a supply of talented Doom Metal bands, spawning some of the seminal Funeral Doom Metal groups like Dolorian, Skepticism, and Thergothon. While Hooded Menace isn’t quite Funeral Doom and more closely aligns to Death Doom Metal, it is just as brutal and crushing to the auditory organs, pulling influences from early 90′s Death Metal bands all the way to the first Paradise Lost and classic 80′s Candlemass albums. It does, however, further my point: there’s something about Scandinavia and Heavy Metal.

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Analog Inquisition: Neill Jameson (Krieg, Lithotome & Twilight)

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NJ(Source: Decibel)

Why do you love cassettes and vinyl? Do you prefer one over the other?

Probably because of nostalgia. I grew up with both formats, mostly cassettes, as a boy and through the underground music scene during the last twenty years I’ve been involved I always gravitated towards tapes for demos vs CDrs and vinyl has been strong in this culture always.

What was the first cassette you bought? First record?

First cassette I bought with my own money was Def Leppard’s Hysteria though my parents gave me Born in the USA when I was a little younger and I always taped shit off the radio and made mix tapes growing up. First record is really hazy, probably the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome soundtrack.

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Album Review: Sun Worship – Elder Giants

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Image(Source: Bandcamp)
Labels: View From The Coffin / Sick Man Getting Sick / Dead Section Records
Release Date: 03/08/14

Berlin’s Sun Worship is part of this new(ish) breed of black metal purveyors that hold true to some of the aesthetics of old while trying to carve its own niche. Sure it’s dark, and the hectic blastbeats are in there too, but this band is more than just the sum of its parts. The band’s current LP is Elder Giants, freshly released in March of this year. What you get for your (presumably) hard-earned cheddar is four immaculately woven BM tracks available in the four main food groups: wax, tape, CD and digital. These days that’s a pretty huge buffet of choice. Everything that a growing boy needs.

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EP Review: Praise the Flame – Profane Cult

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a0024418733_2(Source: Bandcamp)
Label: Blood Harvest Records
Release Date: 09/30/2013

That guitar tone! If my analog equipment didn’t take so much punishment, I’d love the slightly gritty Entombed-meets-Arckanum type sound that Praise the Flame uses on its 2013 release, Profane Cult, even more. The leads are of the dive-bombing, screeching Morbid Angel variety that trve metal fans have come to love, and the rapid-fire riffs are packed with as many razor-sharp sixteenth notes as can be found in a Category Five tornado. The production can be described as clean, but it f*ckin’ works! Profane Cult rages through a short set faster and deadlier than most bands can do an acoustic intro.

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Split Review: Esoteric Youth / Caïna

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Esoteric Youth_Caina_Split_cover_low_res(source: Bandcamp)
Label(s): Church of Fuck / Swarm of Nails
Release Date: 03/03/2014

UK acts Esoteric Youth and Caïna team up to bring about a split effort that is nothing short of simply astonishing, with both bands ushering forth opposing onsets of intensity, ferocity and emotionally driven complexity. The split bolsters yet another addition to the seamless onslaught of solid releases from cult label Church of Fuck, showcasing why it has become the home of some of the most devastating bands to come out of the UK.

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Album Review: Volume IV – Long In The Tooth

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viv(Source: Bandcamp)
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 3/11/14

If you’ve been looking for a Southern fried slab of Heavy Rock, then look no further. Volume IV is a three piece Rock band from Atlanta, Georgia (US) and features Joe Carpenter from the Thrash Metal band Nihilist on guitar and vocal duties. Volume IV released its first album Long in the Tooth on Ripple Music in March, and it’s ten tracks and 36 minutes of groove laden, gravy covered, Heavy Southern Rock. During those 36 riff-filled minutes you’ll hear shades of groups like Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath all the way to Down, Clutch, and Black Label Society, and a ton in between, to the point where it can get a bit challenging to even classify the band definitively.

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Album Review: Sargeist – Feeding The Crawling Shadows

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(Source: Metal Archives)
Label: World Terror Committee
Release Date: 03/31/14

It should be abundantly clear by now to anyone with more than a passing awareness of the genre that black metal is about more than just music. Few genres command comparable levels of devotion; it began as being about more than the music, and that is still the case. For true fans, black metal is not just something you listen to. It is something that seeps into your soul, corrupting your very being with its dark presence. Sargeist understands this, and stays true to the musical and satanic values of the early Scandinavian scene. Originally the solo project of Shatraug, one of the most highly regarded figures within underground black metal for good reason, the band has come to include other compatriots of the Finnish scene, and the release of latest album Feeding The Crawling Shadows should be greeted with anticipation by anyone who has encountered the music of those involved.

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Album Review: Nebelung – Palingenesis

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a2593437084_10(Source: Bandcamp)
Label: Temple of Torturous
Release Date: 2/18/14

Nebelung‘s Palingenesis, the German trio’s most complex set of achingly gorgeous folk-inflected instrumentals to date, is prone to be miscategorized. There’s a first-impressions inclination to group it under the same canopy as Ulver’s Kveldssanger and the discography of Tenhi and Wardruna. That’s not wrong, especially if one is grasping for comparison points when recommending it to friends. Palingenesis, like the aforementioned, evokes the bleakness, melancholy, and simmering frustration of black metal presented via more restrained means. It’s the subdued sound of survival; of hardy men and women, their tenuous hold on existence, and the surrounding tiny miracles of the natural world working to kill them. Yes, right, name-checking similar purveyors is a lot easier than dredging a thesaurus for “hushed” synonyms. Except the genre/style classification isn’t the flubbed tag to be worried about. No, it’s the mistake of reading any paean to Palingenesis as dressing up the stuffy and boring as good for you, as if it was bland broccoli covered in croutons. The error here is tricking oneself, a br00ful enthusiast, into thinking Nebelung belongs to the neutered NPR set. Again, on the surface, sure. Clear the leaves, though, and you’ll find unexpected, terrifying vastness, akin to sitting down at the movies and having the person behind you whisper into your ear, “Just a reminder: You’re going to die. 100% unavoidable.” It’s heavy. Heavier than whatever stream you click today. Unless you’re streaming down Acheron. If so, make sure to flip some change to Stefan Otto.

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