Album Review: Cult of Occult – Hic Est Domus Diaboli

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Label: Totalrust Music, Breathe Plastic Records & Dry Cough Records
Release Date:  5/3/14 | 6/25/13

Doomed souls take heed as Cult of Occult‘s second album Hic Est Domus Diaboli is now available via Breathe Plastic Records and Dry Cough Records. Limited to 100 copies.

For those not yet initiated, Cult of Occult is a four piece hailing from France. The band released its first album Cult of Occult in 2012 followed by Hic Est Domus Diaboli a year later. A band of few words, little is known other than that it is influenced only by Satan, fueled by “HATE BOOZE HELL SATAN” and that it wishes to be hated. Continuing on from its 2012 debut which was a rawer and more primitive, booze fueled sludge attack, Cult of Occult’s second offering, Hic Est Domus Diaboli meaning “Here is the House of Satan,” is the result of honing its craft for a further year. Now, there is a deadly sense of focus, majesty, atmosphere and a hellish purpose which flows from beginning to end.

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Analog Inquisition: Cory von Bohlen (Halo of Flies)

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Why do you love cassettes and vinyl? Do you prefer one over the other?

It was what I was brought up on. What we listened to as kids, records first. I would get blank tapes for my birthday/Christmas and my uncle would dub all his records onto tape for me. In 1983, he had the coolest record collection of anyone I knew. Then I started buying…

What was the first cassette you bought? First record?

First cassette? Maybe Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast. First LP? Def Leppard’s Pyromania. First 7″? The Go-Go’s’ We Got the Beat. Stole my first CD, cause fuck CDs!

What were your most recent cassette and vinyl purchases?

Endstille’s Kapitulation LP and Within Temptation’s Hydra DLP.

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Live Review: Mystifier, Bölzer, Cruiciamentum, Spearhead, Malthusian and ZOM at The Dome, London on 6/7/14

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Mystifier-London-2014-723x1024(Source: Facebook)

In a year when a whole host of stellar black metal acts have graced the United Kingdom with their rituals, it must be becoming ever-harder to top this consistency. Nidrosian crew Mare, as well as One Tail, One Head and the shrouded Mgla have all performed captivating sets in our isles in 2014 and it’s only halfway through the year. The 7th of June marked another mandatory black metal gathering: Brazilian mentalists Mystifier returned to crush London alongside Cruciamentum, Bölzer, Spearhead, Malthusian and ZOM.

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Album Review: Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

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Label: Century Media
Release Date: 4/14/14

There is no hiding from the fact that Triptykon is the dark phoenix that has arisen from the ashes of Celtic Frost. Tom Gabriel Warrior has been open about the fact that much of the material for debut Eparistera Daimones was originally intended to be part of the follow-up to Celtic Frost’s Monotheist, one of the best metal albums of the past ten years. The nature of the dissolution of Celtic Frost fueled the anger that propelled Eparistera Daminones forward, and it was impossible not to read many of the lyrics as being related to that situation. Now, four years after that furious album, comes follow-up Melana Chasmata. The ghost of Monotheist is still present in Triptykon’s sound, and some of the anger has dimmed. Has the band’s potency?

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Album Review: Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise

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Label: Dark Descent Records
Release Date: 4/15/14

Don’t bother pigeonholing this record. While tags and labels sometimes help give you an idea on what you’re in for, most of the time, they fail to adequately describe the range of elements that comprise any work of art. Subtle cues fail to get noticed when people offer a category to sum up an experience such as listening to music, and everyone is guilty of this from time-to-time. It is human nature to describe an experience by assigning it a label, putting it into a box, and placing it on a shelf where recognition can be made easier. Thantifaxath, ladies and gentlemen, defies the use of monickers because its debut album, Sacred White Noise, transcends all barriers.

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EP Review: Offerstigen – Regndolk

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a2673039106_10(Source: Bandcamp)
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 5/13/14 

Offerstigen is a new black/doom metal two-piece from Sweden who just released its first EP, Regndolk. It is a quality first release that blends elements of black metal, funeral doom, and sludge into a bleak and emotional three songs.

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EP Review: Street Sects – The Morning After the Night We Raped Death

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Summoning Spirits Art

Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 2/4/14

Inimical programmed d-beats, glitched, overdriven electronic loops, indistinguishable passages of blackened synth mowed over by cybergrind gravity blasts, and the feminine personification of all that threatens to rust shut the hinges on the doors of the mind. Austin’s Street Sects has consecrated night and death with this terse 7″, integrating the qualities mentioned above with further sensibilities of hardcore momentum and maniacally paced industrial textures. Hoarse, distorted snarls verging on screamo interject flangered clipping proclamations, as though each syllable has been refashioned into a bolt to be launched at a collage of hated whores. There’s more than misogyny here: the record speaks to the atavistic slipstream of thought, and thus appropriately addresses society’s ancient concerns of propriety and its relationship to our mothers, sisters, mavens, and crones.

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Album Review: Thou – Heathen

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Label(s): Gilead Media, Vendetta & Robotic Empire
Release Date: 3/25/14

Heathen was undoubtedly one of my most anticipated releases for 2014. Thou is one of my favorite bands, and easily one of the best live acts around today. The massive (both in sound and length!) Heathen does not disappoint. While all of the band’s full lengths have been tremendous efforts, Heathen stands as its longest record yet, clocking in around 75 minutes and its brand of vicious, melodic, and droning sludge/doom is as potent as ever, and never gets tired throughout the entire duration of the album.

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EP Review: Iced Out – Jukai

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Label(s): Church of Fuck & Moshtache Records
Release Date: 4/23/14

Church of Fuck is one of those labels whom I will blindly purchase whatever it releases, without hesitation. The label has a history of putting out top notch material and has never once disappointed. I don’t really follow the UK hardcore scene closely, so by staying on top of what Church of Fuck is doing, I feel like I’m hearing what I need to and really getting to the cream of the crop. That said, the label has been on a roll lately, killing It with its last few releases and has just unleashed one of the heaviest hardcore 7”s I’ve heard recently with Jukai by Iced Out.

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EP Review: Thou & The Body – Released From Love

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Label: Vinyl Rites
Release Date: 4/3/14

Considering the pedigree of the bands involved, it’s almost stunning how little publicity there has been over this release. The Body made a small mention of it on its Facebook page, whilst also posting about its recent, excellent collaboration with The Haxan Cloak. Thou has one line about it on its website, and nothing on its fan-run Facebook page. The label it is released on, Vinyl Rites, eschews many of the mechanizations of modern labels, having no social media sites that I could find. In an age where almost everyone is looking to sell their product, here comes a record by two of modern doom’s most notable bands that is being put out in the most quiet, undramatic fashion imaginable. It’s almost a shame, as the four songs contained on Released From Love are superb and deserve to be heard, being some of the best examples of the ugliness and beauty of doom heard in some time. Yet somehow, its quiet release somehow makes it more special.

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